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writer: review of 'fountain' by lyra pramuk

One of 2020’s most satisfying and complete proofs-of-concept, Lyra Pramuk’s “Fountain” was made using the American composer’s voice, and nothing else – adding authenticity and gravitas to every stretched, sampled, pitch-shifted, multi-tracked and enveloping utterance. The Pennsylvania-born, Berlin-residing and one-time chorist Pramuk recorded her debut album at the tail-end of her 20s, but the path to arrive at that point stretches much farther back. “Fountain” is the result of successive momen

writer: 'in the future the means of production will own themselves', post memes: seizing the memes of production

Art-form, send-up, farce, ironic disarticulation, pastiche, propaganda, trololololol, mode of critique, mode of production, means of politicisation, even of subjectivation — memes are the inner currency of the internet’s circulatory system. Independent of any one set value, memes are famously the mode of conveyance for the alt-right, the irony left, and the apoliticos alike, and they are impervious to many economic valuations: the attempts made in co-opting their discourse in advertising and big business have made little headway, and have usually been derailed by retaliative meming. Post-Memes: Seizing the Memes of Production takes advantage of the meme’s subversive adaptability and ripeness for a focused, in-depth study. Pulling together the interrogative forces of a raft of thinkers at the forefront of tech theory and media dissection, this collection of essays paves a way to articulating the semiotic fabric of the early 21st century’s most prevalent means of content posting, and aims at the very seizing of the memes of production for the imagining and creation of new political horizons.

writer: 'recurrence of all things', regeneration songs

Twenty-seven leading artists, writers and academics come together to tackle one of the most drastic urban regeneration programmes in world history – the “Regeneration Supernova” of East London. The impact of global capital and foreign investment on local communities is being felt in major cities across the world. Since the 2012 Olympics was awarded to the British capital, East London has been at the heart of the largest and most all-encompassing top-down urban regeneration strategy in civic history.

master's thesis: 'deconstructing the data hyper-assemblage'

How do we begin to theorise the totality of human data, rendered quasi-invisibly in digital space as a floating body of knowledge? The internet architectonic, data’s primary container, constitutes new forms of meaning-making (Haraway 1997) that imbricate the boundary between the material and immaterial (Jordan 2009) in ways that, under our current modes of understanding, seem to mystify, rather than bring clarity to, the question.

campaigns and comms: mastercard & britain first campaign

Two of Britain First’s leaders are currently in jail for racist hate crimes. Yet, Mastercard, Visa and American Express continue to process donations for the hate group. Racist groups can't operate without money. SumOfUs members have already pushed Paypal to stop processing funding for the violent French white supremacist group Génération Identitaire. Now, let’s make the credit card giants take responsibility and cut all ties with Britain First.

writer: 'the future of the left', politactics

Technology, politics and entertainment have merged to the point of confusion. Politactics, the third book from the Everyday Analysis collective, is a set of conversations about how to sift through this organized but disordered mess and create a framework which could enact change against political and corporate hegemony. An internationalist collection of essays, articles, responses and letters, the book argues that we need a ‘politactical’ mindset in order to develop tactical and practical responses to the situations in which we are finding ourselves politically.

copywriter: 'the vulgar: fashion redefined'

Potent, provocative and sometimes shocking, the word vulgar conjures up strong images, ideas and feelings in us all. Examining the constantly evolving notion of vulgarity in fashion whilst revelling in its excesses, visitors were invited to think again about exactly what makes something vulgar and why it is such a sensitive and contested term. Drawn from major public and private collections worldwide, The Vulgar showcased over 120 stunning objects, ranging from historical costumes to couture...
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